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    Modern economic growth has created a new successful breed of business. The Micro-Multinational Corporation. We can assist you in all phases of business development services. Our guidance allows you to establish a presence and gain a competitive advantage in the international marketplace. The portfolio of services we offer will raise the productivity of your business to the next level.

    Recent News

    Six key solutions on display at Meftech       01.30.17

    Examples of the incredible innovation within the financial technology sector.

    The growth of Sharia-compliant finance        01.31.17

    Sharia financing increases to meet the demand of Islamic products and business services.

    Successful Ventures

    With an established international network of resources and expertise in creating and developing operational expansion plans for businesses servicing all major economic sectors.

    RAMP LLC provides consulting on specialties ranging from Governance & Formation Structuring to Supply Chain Development/Fulfillment services.

  • Working Partners

    Affiliate Programs

    RAMP LLC successfully assists newly created businesses by incorporating them into affiliate business relationships. These structured incubation strategies, which typically generates increased profitability, matches entrepreneurs with established international businesses and liaisons. Start up costs are traditionally reduced and leveraged with production, human capital and technology resouces. Access to regional financial investments and specialized industry knowledge are formed through our qualified and professional global value network of contacts.

  • Business Services Overview

    Business Planning
    The location and manner in which a company is formed is critical in determining the profitiability of your company. Our experts will guide you through the appropriate governance steps to ensure you have the flexibility to react to the changing conditions of the global markets.

    Our network of technology professionals will allow you to easily expand or reduce the costs critical to functionality of your business. We will show you how to control the scalability of the footprint of your core business assets to meet your future production demands.

    Human Capital
    Businesses regularly fail due to their inability to control their staffing needs. We will identify the best option for staffing for your company and reduce quality control costs by implementing standardized training and performance mechanisms.

    Supply Chain Management
    RAMP LLC excels at sourcing and simplifying the way purchase orders are processed. Our network of manufacturers, international distributors and freight forwarding companies provide a quality network for supplying OEM and finished products.


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